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Vinyl Sheet piles-U457

Product Name:Accessory of PVC(Vinyl) Sheet Pile
Item Numer:U457
Material :PVC(Vinyl)
Section Width:457mm
Section Depth:152mm

— Product Details


1River bank protection and regulation.webp-400.jpg

2Flood protection structures.webp-400.jpg

3Retaining wall.webp-400.jpg

River bank protection and regulationFlood protection structuresRetaining wall

4Marine structures.webp-1.jpg

5Embankment works.webp-1.jpg

6Ersosion control.webp-1.jpg

Marine structuresEmbankment worksErsosion control

7Water control solutions.webp-1.jpg

8Mat high dams.webp-1.jpg

9Cut-off system.webp-1.jpg

Water control solutionsMat high damsCut-off system


Advantages of Small Boss Vinyl Sheet Pile

Smallboss PVC sheet pile is a new kind of high strength composite material. The shape of the sheet pile is designed according to the principle of physics. It adopts a large moment of inertia section design and is combined with multi-direction concave and convex joints to become a new bank protection structure with continuity, high strength and high lateral bending resistance.

11Steel Sheet Pile.webp-400.jpg

12Wooden Sheet Pile、.webp-400.jpg

13Vinyl Sheet Pile.webp-400.jpg

Steel Sheet PileWooden Sheet PileVinyl Sheet Pile

 PVC sheet piling systems are the new standard with many advantages compared to hard wood, concrete and steel sheet piling. Vinyl sheet piles are made of poly vinyl chloride also known as PVC: a material with excellent resistance to weather influences and it has a long service life. Moreover, the material will not be affected by natural forces occurring in the ground, rodents, and salt or fresh water. PVC sheet piling has a number of benefits over traditional steel timber or concrete piling, including, costs, durability,ease of handling and a reduced environmental impact.

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Automatic Production lines:

The high-speed production line guarantees a monthly output around 25,000 meters,it means we only need 10 days to complete a 40HQ container production.


Use pallets to keep the sheet pile from being under heavy pressure when stacked, and use rain cloth to prevent extreme weather from affecting the sheet pile.





The use of tools such as forklifts makes the

container loading process convenient and efficient


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