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MBBR Biochip

Model: Biochip
Spec.: 30*1.1 mm
Surface area : >5500 m/m³
Packing numbers : >340000 pcs/m³
Material : HDPE 
Life span : >15 years

— Product Details

SMALLBOSS MBBR BioChip is a high performance MBBR carrier that provides a protected active surface area of > 5,500 m2/m3 for the immobilization of microorganisms which are in charge of the different biological water treatment processes. This active surface area has been scientifically certified and compares to a range of 350 m2/m3 – 800 m2/m3 provided by competitive solutions. Its application is characterized by extremely high removal rates and reliable process stability. Our BioChips provide removal rates up to 10 times higher than conventional media carriers (in all their various forms). This is achieved through a high-quality pore system


Material ~ High quality PE material free from carcinogenic plasticizers

Circular ~ Ø 30 mm (1“)

Thickness ~ 1.1 mm

PE material

Active surface area >5,500 m²/m³

- N-metabolism rate: 20 kg/m³d

- COD-metabolism rate: 200 kg/m³d

- BOD-metabolism rate: 400 kg/m³d

(depending on the application, in m³ volume BioChip)

SMALLBOSS BioChip has a homogeneous outer ring as buffer zone, protecting the pore structure from potential damage/abrasion/cuts. Besides, due to its low net weight, the kinetic energy is also that low so any mechanical wear is prevented.

The Smallboss  BioChip™ is completely free from phthalates or other plasticizers and does not contain any questionable compounds which may be harmful to the environment.


The high biodegradation performance of the BioChip 30TM carrier with large active surface area of more than 5,500 m²/m³ allows for using less carrier volume than with “conventional” carriers since there is less BioChip 30TM volume required for providing the similar protected active surface area. Customers can save money due to smaller tank volumes, and it is a crucial feature when there is only limited space available when building a new WWTP. Besides, when less carrier volume required means less transport volumes in shipment at similarly large surface area thus the transport cost will therefore become low.




BOD/COD removal

Anaerobic ammonium oxidation (ANAMMOX) process

Industrial wastewater

Pulp & paper industry

Food & beverage industry


Chemical effluent treatment, textile factories

Fish-farming, aquaculture, koi carp ponds, swimming ponds


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